Single Story For Sale in Atlantis, San Juan

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•  1350 sqft , 2 bath , 1 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD42,000 .

Atlantis Luxury Condo for sale in San Juan Puerto Rico. If you are moving and looking for High Rise Apartments and Luxury Condos for sale in San Juan, Puerto Rico look no further. Atlantis offers the perfect environment for a new home, vacation, or investment property in the Caribbean. Relocate to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and enjoy the tax shelter incentives provided by Act 20, Act 207, and Act 22.
HOA $490 mensual, $1,350sqft

One master room, 2 full baths, 2 on site parking spaces
Includes: Stainless steel appliances (Stove, microwave, refrigerator) washer/ dryer
In the building: 24/7 concierge, gym, visitors parking

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Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone
If you have generated a substantial capital gain from your investments in 2018 – congratulations!

However, you may also be dreading the huge tax bill that’s coming your way.
The good news is that the introduction of Opportunity Zones by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017 can provide you with the perfect investment vehicle to defer that capital gain tax while using the funds from such gain to invest in high-growth opportunities.

What’s an Opportunity Zone?

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone, an Opportunity Zone is an economically-distressed community that has been nominated for the designation by the state governor and certified by the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.
The goal is to incentivize much-needed investments into housing, small businesses, and infrastructure in economically-depressed areas.

The creation of Opportunity Zones allows U.S. investors to defer all 2018 capital gains for 8 years if the profits are reinvested and held in an Opportunity Zone, decrease the amount of such capital gains taxes by 10% and 15% if held for five or seven years, respectively, and also provides a full exemption from capital gains tax on all future capital gains on the invested funds if an investment is held for 10 years, starting in 2018.

Opportunity Zone Map
US Map of Opportunity Zones


The Benefits of investing in an Opportunity Zone


Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone, investors only have to reinvest the gains instead of the entire proceeds from the sale of an asset to take advantage of the tax benefits.
Gains from the sale of any capital asset – real estate, stocks and bonds, etc. – can be rolled into an Opportunity Zone investment.
The types of businesses that are eligible for Opportunity Zone benefits are more wide-ranging compared to many previous incentive programs and include investments such as residential rental property businesses, which typically pose lower risks for investors.
Therefore, one of the most practical strategies to take advantage of this tax bill is to buy older buildings in Opportunity Zones, renovate them at a reinvestment cost that is greater than or equal to the purchase price, and then manage the building as a rental property.

For more information, we’ve created a detailed FAQ on the new opportunity zone regulations from the IRS and what that will mean for investors.

Puerto Rico: An Opportunity Zone with tremendous potential

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone, the IRS recently announced some changes to the Opportunity Zone regulations. As a result, almost the entire territory of Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone.
Puerto Rico is almost entirely zoned as an Opportunity Zone
As such, investing into qualified projects in Puerto Rico, which is part of the U.S. and is therefore protected by the same property rights and other legal regulations as are applicable in the mainland, is now a highly strategic investment for minimizing capital gains tax for investors who plan to keep their reinvested capital within the territory.
As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico enjoys legal and economic benefits that are not available to the neighboring Caribbean islands.
Unlike other Opportunity Zones in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico offers unique opportunities for investors.
A history of debt crises and fiscal mismanagement, coupled with recent natural disasters, has resulted in market conditions in which investors can acquire prime real estate in Puerto Rico at a bargain price.
Also, since it’s easier for U.S. citizens to travel there, it has an increasingly robust tourist industry. Meanwhile, the use of US. dollars minimizes the currency risks.In addition, the real estate prices in Puerto Rico are substantially lower than properties with the equivalent characteristics.
You can find beachfront properties at substantial discounts to counterparts on the mainland and historic old city buildings for almost half the cost of the old city in Cartagena.
With a low acquisition cost and a sound vacation rental market, total returns for real estate investment in Puerto Rico can be as high as 15% to 20% prior to taking into account the benefits available under the Opportunity Zone legislation.

Example: Earning nearly 1000x the original capital by investing in an Opportunity Zone

Many crypto investors have experienced substantial capital gain over the past few years.

For example, an investment of $10,000 in Bitcoin in 2010 would have yielded $4,094,400 if the bitcoins were sold on August 27, 2018 – representing a capital gain of $4,084,400 for the 2018 tax year.

Let’s say this example investor is a single filer living in Miami, Florida (one of the U.S. states with no state or local income taxes nor capital gains taxes) with just under $500,000 of ordinary income in the 2018 tax year.

The capital gains of $4,084,400 will result in a capital gains tax liability of $972,087 at an effective tax rate of 23.8%.

This 23.8% effective tax rate is comprised of U.S. federal capital gains rate of 20% (maximum rate for single filer) plus the NIIT (net investment income tax) of 3.8% (single filer with cap gains above $200k).

This would translate into nearly $1.0 million handed over to taxing authorities!

What can you do to defer the tax payment and keep more money in your pocket?

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone, instead of selling your Bitcoin, paying up to 23.8% of the profits in the form of taxes, and stashing the net balance in your bank account (just to watch the money depreciate!), you can make a real estate investment in Puerto Rico and take advantage of the Opportunity Zone tax benefits.

Let’s go back to our example: instead of selling the Bitcoin, our investor can invest the $4,094,000 value in a Qualifying Opportunity Zone Fund.

Let’s say he or she invests in the Lifeafar Plaza Colon Puerto Rico Project, which has a projected annualized IRR of 15.4% for investors.

If the investor rolls over his original investment plus earnings ($4,094,000) from the sale of his Bitcoin in the Opportunity Zone Fund and holds the asset for 10 years, they would be projected to receive net rental incomes of approximately $2.9 million over such period ($4.5 million less 35% federal income tax on ordinary dividends at the individual taxpayer level), and he investor’s share of total proceeds on the sale of the asset would be approximately $7.8 million, representing a $3.7 million capital gain over the initial $4.1 million investment.

After 8 years of holding the investment in the Opportunity Zone Fund, in our example the  investor would pay only 85% of the original capital gains tax liability from the 2018 Bitcoin sale and zero capital gains tax on the capital gains in the Opportunity Zone investment.

The net post-tax cash returned to the investor would be approximately $9.9 million ($4.1 million investment plus $2.9 million net rental income plus $3.7 million gain on sale of asset, less $826k of 2018 capital gains tax liability).

Now you may wonder, how does this strategy compare to investing in the U.S. stock market?

If we use a historical average return of the U.S. stock markets of 7% and our example investor (single filer Florida resident with income of just under $500k) uses his net cash after capital gains tax of $3.1 million ($4,084,000 cap gain less 23.8%, plus initial $10k) to purchase stock, he would have netted total earnings of $3.0 million in 10 years and would owe $719k in capital gains tax on those earnings, yielding $5.4 million in net cash returned taking into account the initial invested capital.

That’s $4.5 million less than investing in the Lifeafar Plaza Colon Puerto Rico Project Opportunity Zone Fund.

In just 10 years, investing in the Life-afar Opportunity Zone Fund yielded our example investor nearly 1000x of his original $10,000 capital!

A not-to-be-missed investment opportunity

Puerto Rico is now designated as an Opportunity Zone, here at Lifeafar, we’re excited to be negotiating several multi-million dollar real estate deals in Puerto Rico. These projects are the perfect investment vehicles for anyone with capital gains to invest in an Opportunity Zone.

These investments in Old San Juan will be converted into hotels and vacation rental properties to benefit from the booming tourist economy on the Caribbean island.

Puerto Rico Real Estate
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Expert Tips to Declutter Your Home, Minus the Expert

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Expert Tips to Declutter Your Home, Minus the Expert

Clutter accumulates slowly, but once it takes hold, it spreads like wildfire. One day your counter is sparkly clean, and the next you are struggling to find a space to cut veggies or rest your weary head in your hands. It might seem like it would be a lot easier to call in an expert organizer to get the job done, but decluttering is a skill we all must master in order to keep an organized home. Plus, doing it yourself saves a ton of money, and you might even be able to make some in the process. If you are looking for expert decluttering tips, read on.

Create a Plan of Action

It might seem easier to sort through a kitchen cabinet here and a closet there, but it’s a whole lot easier to stay motivated and see your progress if you go room by room. According to Angie’s List, the best plan of action is to make a list of the rooms that need attention, including less-frequented areas such as the attic, garage, and basement. Then follow these six steps: empty, clean, sort, remove, sort again, reload. Send every item through the clutter test:


  • Do you have multiples of the item?
  • Has it ever been used? If yes, has it been used in the last six months?
  • Do you truly love it or is it taking up space?
  • Is it broken, expired, or in need of repair?

Make It a Family Affair

Everyone contributed to the clutter, so it only makes sense that everyone helps with the decluttering too. To get the family involved without begging and nagging, show them how to do it. Make it simple by using the four-box method in which each box is labeled trash, give away/sell, storage, and put away. Assign a room to your spouse, and send the kids off to their rooms. You might have to go through the boxes and encourage them to switch some things around or do another round. Offer incentives and prizes to keep the decluttering ball rolling. You can use this time to help teach your children about the importance of giving back. For example, let your child choose the toys and clothes they wish to donate and take them with you to the drop-off. You could even encourage them to forgo the presents this year and donate, or at least donate a toy for every new one they receive.

Make Some Extra Cash

Decluttering offers the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash by selling your unwanted items. If you have a ton of stuff or have friends or family members to help contribute, you could host a yard sale. Ensuring it is successful requires a lot of work including advertising, labeling, and pricing, and uncontrollable weather could put a damper on things. If you don’t have enough stuff to warrant a yard sale or prefer an easier route, use online selling platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, or yard sale Facebook groups.

Stick with It

Decluttering isn’t a one-time thing; it requires constant effort on your part to keep the clutter from taking over again. If you’re a chronic shopper, avoid the temptation to hit every sale you see and follow the “one thing in, one thing out” rule. Aim to keep at least 20 percent of the space in your cupboards, drawers, and storage units free. Speaking of storage units, all this decluttering might have created a new-found obsession with storage and organization, but don’t go overboard with the organization bins and baskets. Utilize a few storage pieces, but if you start running out of room, use that as a sign that it’s time to purge.

Decluttering seems like an impossible task until you sit down, take a breath, and actually start doing it. It won’t happen overnight, and there will likely be some exasperated sighs and a strong desire to just live in chaos. The tips above will surely make things easier, and the reward of a clutter-free home is well worth it.

2 Story For Sale in Highland Park, San Juan

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•  6242 sqft 2 story FOR SALE  USD650,000 . Commercial Real Estate

The property consists of a 517.50 square meters lot improved with two detached mixed commercial – residential multi-unit buildings of two stories, 8 units and 6,242 square feet of gross building area and 5,709 square feet of gross rentable area. All units are rented and are generating income from rent.

Property information

How You Can Turn a Property Into a Flourishing Vacation Rental

How You Can Turn a Property Into a Flourishing Vacation Rental


How You Can Turn a Property Into a Flourishing Vacation Rental

Design for Success

If the interior of your rental isn’t all it could be, you could end up deterring guests or receiving poor reviews. To prevent this from happening, focus on the basics, such as choosing a color scheme for your home. After all, hues can influence our moods and energy levels, so you need to know what effects each shade can have. Keep cool tones, like lavender and blues, for relaxing areas, such as the bedroom, and use warm tones, such as reds and oranges, to fill other places with energy. Similarly, you want your property to appear neutral but sophisticated, so remove anything that doesn’t have a purpose. This way, you can offer guests an open space while giving them the features they need. Lastly, use natural light where you can, and add dimmers to lighting fixtures to allow people to set whatever mood they want.

Appeal to Your Demographic

To understand what areas of your home need improvement, you must look at your potential demographic and who your location will appeal to. What is your property adjacent to? Are there big tourist draws nearby? If you’re close to a convention center, you’re going to attract very different clients than if you’re next to an amusement park. For instance, a professional may look for luxuries and a vibrant nightlife, whereas a family may seek something kid-friendly. Your research should continue as you begin renting out your property, so check reviews and see what people are searching for online to know what could be improved.

Go Smart

When it comes to advertising, having the basics like a washer, dryer, and a dishwasher can offer a solid start, but you need to go beyond these. If you’re pushing for longer-term rentals, then adding home security is a must. However, for higher turnovers, you should explore different amenities, like adding to your property’s entertainment options. This is a good way to see a decent return on your investment; individual tech or games aren’t pricey, but they can be a large draw. Likewise, a smart lock can provide you and your renter freedom and leave you feeling secure, knowing the key to the front door hasn’t been copied.

Remodel Specific Features

A few key changes in traffic-heavy areas like the kitchen or bathroom can offer excellent returns without breaking the bank. As a start, you could paint or stain the cabinets to make a space appear fresher. You might already have a hue in mind, but white is a good color as it reflects light and looks clean, but even varnish can give wood an elegant transformation. To further add sophistication, you could use some eye-catching vintage pieces, like turning a dresser from a thrift store into a bathroom vanity. This may sound expensive, but you can improve your property at a fraction of the cost if you’re willing to do the work yourself.

Advertise Well

 Of course, many listing sites are free or inexpensive to use, but it’s not a matter of just advertising. A listing should have an informative and catchy title, and social media is another valuable platform to utilize. That could mean running a Facebook page or hiring a blogger to write about your rental. Wherever you advertise, always use your best images, and research how hashtags and collaborations with similar venues might work for you. It takes experimentation, but the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

You don’t need to give your entire property a makeover, but you must work strategically. By knowing your demographic, you can decide where to invest to see the best ROI. Of course, learn as you go, and upgrade other parts of your home as needed. It takes work to be a good landlord, but it can be an incredibly fulfilling avenue.


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Single Story For Sale in Guardarraya-Frente al Mar, Patillas

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OCEAN FRONT for sale

OCEAN FRONT for sale Imagine yourself owning a unique and beautiful beachfront home located directly on the Caribbean Sea. This dream beach house has been renovated with many upgrades. It is currently used as a vacation home with successful Vacation Rental. It features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, central A/C, 22kw generator, teak doors and fully equipped kitchen.

The open floor plan, dining area and living room overlooks the ocean and the tropical lush gardens. It also has custom bamboo glass shutters with hand crafted stained glass windows, terrazzo floor sand expansive outdoor veranda and Cabana for you to experience the full Caribbean lifestyle. The backyard is surrounded by local fruits and landscape for you to enjoy the full beach life experience. Property sits on a coconut tree lined sandy beach. Home is unique in that you can walk from grass to sand to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The property is a drive away to Patillas downtown where you will find the finest local restaurants with fresh seafood and delicious cocktails. This house is being sold fully furnished and as a business with current and future bookings intact. All  website s such as Vrbo, Expedia and AirBnb has a long history of over 100 5-star reviews. See for video and more info.

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•  2 bath , 4 bdrm single story

– FOR SALE  USD428,000 .

Single Story For Sale in Ashford Imperial, San Juan

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Luxury Real Estate

  •  530 sqft single story –
  • HOA: $170.35

FOR SALE  USD299,000 .

Single Story For Sale in Calle Maribel, San Juan

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•  single story FOR SALE  USD349,000 .

Whether you are looking for your dream vacation home in the exclusive Condado area or planning to invest in real estate as a way to make a profit, this is a great option for you. The fully renovated condo is on the first floor, it features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living/family room, modern kitchen with quartz countertops, new appliances, modern bathrooms and a balcony. The building is located right by the Ashford and De Diego Avenues, conveniently located steps to restaurants, shops, supermarket, Loiza Street and only one block to the beach!! Enjoy the warm weather, the beach and pedestrian-oriented community lifestyle Condado has to offer.

Property information