Buying Property in Puerto Rico 2021

Buying property in Puerto Rico 2021 is the way to go, Puerto Rico Island is full of white sandy beaches, balmy year-round temperatures, luxury hotels, an eclectic Caribbean-Spanish culture, and architectural remnants of its colonial past all make Puerto Rico a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

For many U.S. citizens, these factors also make the island a compelling investment and lifestyle ideal for buying property in Puerto Rico 2021. Because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, there are no restrictions on Americans acquiring property on the island.

Puerto Rico is The Top Tax Haven a top in the world for any U.S. citizens entrepreneur. Each year, PR island welcomes new, ambitious Americans and others who wish to keep more of their money while enjoying the island lifestyle Puerto Rico offers. If that sounds amazing to you, read on for a brief overview of the benefits Puerto Rico’s Act 60 offers.


9 Tips on Buying a Beach Condo in Puerto Rico

Tips on buying a beach condo in Puerto Rico that is going to make your life easer and get in love with you luxury lifestyle in Puerto Rico.




    You can determine this by asking yourself a few questions:
    Do I have a stable source of income (usually a job)? Have I been employed regularly for at least two or three years? Is my current income reliable?
    Do I have a good record of paying my expenses?
    Do I have little long-term debt, like car payments?
    Do I have money saved for a down payment?
    Am I able to pay a mortgage on a monthly basis, in addition to the additional expenses?     Do I have the full cash amount to buy the property in Puerto Rico?



    Start by asking your family and friends who are the top real estate companies in puerto rico and if they can recommend an agent or Realtor in PR. Compile a list of multiple agents in Puerto Rico and talk to each of them before choosing one. Find an Puerto Rico Realtors who is a good listener and understands your needs and whose judgment you trust. The ideal agent or Realtor in Puerto Rico knows the local area well and has resources and contacts to assist you in your search. Generally speaking, you want to choose an agent or Realtor in Puerto Rico who makes you feel at ease and who gives you all the services and knowledge you need.


    Choose the community in PR that best allows you to live daily life. Many people choose communities in Puerto Rico on the basis of schools. Do you want access to shops and public transport? Is access to local services like libraries and museums important to you? Or do you prefer the peace and quiet of a rural community in Puerto Rico? When you find places you like in Puerto Rico, talk to the people who live there. They know the area well and will be your future neighbors. More than anything, you want a neighborhood where you feel comfortable.


    Information about private schools in puerto rico can be obtained by contacting your city or county school board or local schools in Puerto Rico. Your real estate agent may also be able to provide you with information about private schools in puerto rico.


    Your real estate agent or Realtor in Puerto Rico can give you a ballpark figure by showing you comparative listings to find property value in puerto rico. If you work with a real estate agent (REALTOR), they may have access to comparative sales kept in a database that allows you to know how to find property value in puerto rico .


    The total amount of property taxes in Puerto Rico for the previous year is generally included in the informational guide. If not listed, ask the seller for a tax receipt or contact your local assessor’s office. Tax rates can change from year to year in Puerto Rico, so these figures may be approximate.


    Your real estate agent or Realtor in PR will help you make an offer, which will include the following information: Full legal description of the property
    Amount of the down payment
    Down payment and financing details
    Proposed move-in date
    Price you offer
    Proposed closing date
    Offer validity period
    Details of the operation
    Remember that a commitment to sell depends on negotiating a satisfactory contract with the seller, not just making an offer.
    Other ways to reduce insurance costs include insuring your home and vehicle (s) with the same company, increasing home security, and seeking group coverage through alumni or business associations. Insurance costs always go down as your deductibles increase, but this exposes you to a higher outlay if you must file a return.


    The usual time to close on a house in Puerto Rico is around 45 to 60 days.


    Some locations may have regular or one-time closing costs, but these generally include the following: Escrow account or attorney fees (yours and your lender, if applicable)
    Property taxes (to cover the tax period to date)
    Interest (paid from the closing date to 30 days before the first monthly payment)
    Loan initiation costs (covers administrative expenses of the lender)
    Registration costs
    Evaluation costs
    First mortgage insurance premium (if applicable)
    Title insurance (yours and the lender)
    Loan discount points
    First payment to escrow account for future insurance and real estate taxes
    Payment of homeowner’s insurance policy (and fire and flood insurance, if applicable) Documentation preparation costs.

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Trump Administration Issue $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico

Trump Administration issue $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico in federal disaster funding to repair its electrical and education infrastructure three years after Hurricane Maria’s devastation and six weeks before the presidential election.



The Federal Emergency Management Agency plans to award two separate grants to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid system and educational facilities, the White House announced Friday, these will help the puerto rico economy today.

In the three years since the storm made landfall, the rebuilding process has been slow and costly creating puerto rico economic crisis. In November 2018, White House officials told congressional leaders and appropriators that the President did not want any additional relief funding sent to the island.

Trump Administration issue $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico investment will directly address electrical and educational systems, McEnany’s statement said and will help the puerto rico economy today.


Puerto Rico Economy 2021

Puerto Rico economy 2021 looks positive. “Federal funding of $9.6 billion will allow the Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority to repair and replace thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines, electrical substations, power generation systems, office buildings and make other grid improvements to help puerto rico economic crisis.

The $2 billion grant for the Puerto Rico Department of Education will focus on restoring school buildings and educational facilities across the island,” McEnany said.

Federal funds — combined with external factors, such as the low price of oil and interest rates, and a swift recovery in the U.S. economy — could help retain or create jobs and thus, help to derail the continuing emigration on the island. If the risks are contained and other factors remain optimistic, Puerto Rico could gradually recover between 2021 and 2022.

“We are seeing a recovery of 0.5 to 0.8 percent in puerto rico economy 2021 and all of this is tied to federal government funds, that the recession in the United States is a short recession, that Trump Administration issue $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico funds arrive… that there is not a second wave of contagions in puerto rico economy 2021, that the economy does not have to be closed again, and that oil remains cheap, interest rates remain close to zero, and the possibility that a second federal stimulus package can then give it a little strength,” Gustavo Vélez said.


Investing in Puerto Rico Real Estate 2021

Investing in Puerto Rico Real Estate 2021 is the best decision that you can make and more so with Act 60 Puerto Rico of July 1, 2019 known as the Tax Incentives Code of Puerto Rico (“Incentives Code”) offers the tax incentives formerly granted under Act 22 of 2012 to individual investors that relocate to Puerto Rico. Act 60 includes incentives to attract new residents to Puerto Rico by providing a total exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes on passive income accrued after such individuals become New Residents of Puerto Rico.

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Is Puerto Rican coffee good?

Is Puerto Rican coffee good? Puerto Rico may is famous in the coffee world, its interior provides a fertile and ideal spot to grow coffee plants. Coffee is one of the most important things both for people who live a busy life in PR or those who want to indulge themselves, even for those who work to provide the best coffee to their customers in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are companies that are dedicated to this from its sowing on a local farm for  Puerto Rico coffee roasters to its packaging and then distribute it.

So when you get the cravings for a good cup of coffee, these are the best gourmet coffee online:

Oro Coffee

The strong and rich flavor of Puerto Rican mountain coffee is captured in this coffee.
From our farm fields in the mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico to your cup of coffee … Bold, rich and strong until the last sip!
Strong aroma of coffee that will awaken your senses.
Our metallized packaging provides better product protection due to its impact resistance.



Alto Grande Coffee

Alto Grande, Papa y Reyes’ coffee, elevates your coffee experience with an extraordinary aroma and intensity. Known as “the best” due to its exclusive Arabica beans grown in ideal soil and climate conditions and processed to the most exact standards.
Tasting Profile: Experts enthusiastically describe it as a “rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee with full-bodied chocolate tones and a spiky sweet aroma.”
100% Arabica Super Premium Whole Bean Coffee – 2 Pound Bag, Pack of 2 (4 Pounds Total)
Hacienda Alto Grande has been producing one of the best coffees in the world since the early 19th century.


Gustos Coffee

“Currently, Gustos Coffee Company is dedicated to artisan roasts for the best restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bakeries, gourmet shops. They also produce incredible blends such as: Gustos Premium, Casa Grande, and Aromas de Jaicoa. Each one is made with 100% Arabica beans to satisfy different flavor profiles, ranging from a rich espresso to a high-quality blend. Gustos Coffee Co. serves 100% Puerto Rican coffee from selected farms


Is Puerto Rican coffee good?

“At Café Lareño when we talk about quality it is a serious matter. To produce and elaborate coffee, the human element has to be very present in the whole process. From the hands that plant the tree, fertilize it and take care of its growth, they collect the grains with such care, pulp and wash it and then dry and pillar until it is roasted, ground and packed to reach the hands of consumers who they gladly enjoy such a precious treasure with aroma, body and flavor in the comfort of their home”.


Puerto Rican coffee how to make?

Here is how to make Puerto Rican coffee with the help of a colador. Boil water in a non-aluminum saucepan over low heat. Add coffee once the water starts boiling. While there is no hard and fast rule on how much coffee you can use, the safe proportion would be to add 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per 1 cup of water. Is Puerto Rican coffee good? Yes is the Amazing!!


Just so you know, if you click on a product and decide to buy it Gourmet coffee online, we may earn a small commission.

Here’s Where You Can Buy A Face Mask Online Right Now

Here’s Where You Can Buy A Face Mask Online Right Now, the best place is Face Masks Amazon.  For your benefit we have made a list of the best masks for sale on Amazon:

Sarfel Headband with Buttons for Face Mask Button Headbands for Nurses Headband Holder Sports Outdoor Hair Band 4 Pack Solid w Botton

Safe+Mate x Case-Mate – Cloth Face Mask – Washable & Reusable – Adult S/M – Cotton – with Filter – 3 Pack – Black/Navy/Gray

ABG Accessories 3-Pack Kid Fashionable Germ Protection, Reusable Fabric Face Mask Age, Heart Design, Girls 4-14

CLUX Mesh Black Face Mask with Black Carbon Filter by Continental Luxury USA Seller

Now is the time to find the best face masks and where to buy face masks, because can help slow the transmission of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19.  Remember  where to buy face masks, Face Masks Amazon. Yes, masks, combined with other preventive measures like frequent hand washing and physical distancing, help slow the transmission of the virus.

So why wasn’t wearing face masks recommended at the beginning of the pandemic?

At the time, experts still did not know to what extent people with COVID-19 could spread the virus before presenting symptoms. It was also not known that some people with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms. The two groups can unknowingly spread the virus to others.

These discoveries led public health organizations to radically change their minds about wearing masks. The World Health Organization and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now include wearing Virus Face Masks Amazon in their recommendations to slow down the transmission of the virus. The CDC recommends that the public wear cloth masks and not the surgical masks and N95s that healthcare providers need.
How do the different types of masks work?
Surgical masks

Also known as clinical masks, surgical masks are disposable, non-fitting, and protect the nose and mouth of the wearer from contact with droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain microbes. Surgical masks also filter large particles in the air. They can protect others by reducing exposure to the saliva and respiratory secretions of the person using it.

At the moment, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved any type of surgical mask specifically for protection against coronavirus, but these may provide some protection when N95 masks are not available.
N95 masks

They are actually a type of respirator, and N95 masks offer more protection than a surgical mask because they can filter out both large and small particles when inhaled by the wearer. As the name implies, the mask is designed to block 95% of very small particles. Some N95 masks have valves that make it easier to breathe through them. With this type of mask, unfiltered air is released when the person wearing it exhales.

Healthcare providers must be trained and tested to confirm that the mask seals well before using an N95 respirator on the job. Like surgical masks, N95s are intended to be disposable. But researchers are testing to find ways to disinfect N95 masks so they can be reused.

Some N95 masks, and even some cloth masks, have one-way valves that make breathing through them easier. But because the valve releases unfiltered air when the person wearing it exhales, this type of mask does not prevent the person wearing it from transmitting the virus. For this reason, some places prohibit using them.
Cloth masks

The cloth mask is intended to catch the droplets that are released when the wearer speaks, coughs, or sneezes. Asking everyone to wear cloth masks can help reduce the spread of the virus by people who have COVID-19 but don’t know it.

Cloth masks are very likely to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus when they are widely used in public places. And countries that required face masks, screening, isolation, and physical distancing early in the course of the pandemic have been successful in reducing transmission of the virus.

While surgical masks and N95s may be in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare providers, cloth masks are easy to find or make, and can be washed and reused.

They can be made from common materials such as tightly spun cotton sheets. It’s easy to find instructions on the Internet. Cloth masks should be multi-layered. The CDC website even includes instructions for making non-sewing masks using neckerchiefs and T-shirts.
How to put on cloth masks and even more you can buy a cute washable face mask.

Here are some tips for putting on and taking off the cloth mask:

Wash or disinfect your hands before and after putting on and taking off the mask.
Cover your mouth and nose with the mask.
Tie it behind your head or behind your ears, and make sure it fits snugly.
Do not touch the mask when it is on.
If you touch it accidentally, wash your hands or wipe them with disinfectant.

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Puerto Rico Map

Puerto Rico map is the best choice to discover Puerto Rico beaches. puerto rico weather is the best one surrounded by charming beaches, hence its nickname. Whether you’re planning a family vacation with the kids, Puerto Rico tourism, a romantic tropical getaway, or a trip to get away from an entire weekend in 2020, the island will not disappoint.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an “unincorporated territory” of the United States. Discover puerto rico, its capital is San Juan and the island has more than 300 beaches to enjoy throughout the year on Puerto Rico tourism . Vieques, the Island of Culebra and Cabo Rojo are some of the best places in the world to enjoy the beach and water sports, as well as the most beautiful Puerto Rico beaches with the perfect puerto rico weather, search for your puerto rico map. It also has offshore islands, cays and islets with beaches that are the favorites of tourists for their natural, quiet and uncrowded qualities. Now is the time to discover puerto rico search for you Puerto Rico map.

The beautiful Puerto Rico beaches are places where you can renew, recharge and have fun. Below you will find information about the beaches of Puerto Rico that will surely catch your attention, along with their particular characteristics so that you can put together your plan in detail. So prepare all your things and know the best of the beaches on the island, with the best puerto rico weather.

Puerto Rico Map

1. Tamarindo Beach (Culebra)

If you need a destination to relax, get out of the routine and enjoy with your family, there is no doubt that Playa Tamarindo is what you are looking for. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico and belongs to the town of Yauco. To get there you must walk a short distance from Guánica through a beautiful path.

Playa Tamarindo is a natural reserve with an extensive coastline of white sand, crystal clear blue water that overlooks the open sea. Of the beaches to the west of Puerto Rico it is one of the least crowded, where you can swim calmly and if you decide to go a little further by snorkeling or diving, you will find coral reefs with a very varied underwater life.

In addition, it offers you a large and spectacular area where they allow you to fish and then cook what you caught. And just steps away you can find the best points to appreciate or enter the wonderful ecosystem of the famous Dry Forest, which is part of this beach, find your puerto rico map.

2. Isla Verde (Carolina)

Isla Verde is located in one of the best tourist places in Puerto Rico, just five minutes from the Luis Muñoz Marín de Carolina International Airport.

The interesting thing is that it is not only one of the best beaches to visit in Puerto Rico because of its extensive coastline with white sand, crystal clear water and little waves, but it is surrounded by multiple restaurants, shops and buildings so it is not necessary to carry almost anything .

On the other hand, if extreme sports are your thing, here you have all the facilities to enjoy the Jet Sky, parasailing, banana boat and many other activities to have an excellent time. In addition, because it is the best Carolina beach in Puerto Rico, it has excellent security, since the officers belonging to the municipality’s Police Force are constantly under surveillance, find your puerto rico map.

  1. 3. The Poza de las Mujeres (Manatí)

    La Poza de las Mujeres is one of the Manatí beaches that belongs to Hacienda La Esperanza, a place protected by the island’s Conservation Trust. To get there you must go down some rocks that give the impression of being reefs, but in reality they were mountains of sand that over time were transformed. You will surely like to see how different species of crabs live on these rocks, which you will be able to appreciate while you descend to the shore.

    It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, it has crystal clear waters and some rocks act as “wave breakers” to separate it from the open sea. In times of swell it can be quite strong, so you must be very careful.

    Because it is a secluded place, it is one of the lonely beaches in Puerto Rico, and that is one of its main attractions. You should also bear in mind that it does not have services, so you should go prepared and bring your own food, not forgetting the bag to collect the waste, find your puerto rico map.

 4.Jobos Beach (Isabela)

Jobos Beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico and ideal for surfing.

If you like surfing or practice it, Jobos Beach is perfect for that. This beach is the most popular in the town of Isabela, and is just steps from the Bajuras neighborhood. It is considered one of the 10 best beaches in Puerto Rico, all thanks to the shallow depth of the water and the great waves that make it the perfect place to surf, or simply relax enjoying its beautiful landscapes.

It is dangerous for swimming due to the strong currents, although it has a flat area in case you feel like taking a dip or snorkeling. On the other hand, if you want to camp, it has an area for those who want to do it, but you should bring everything you need according to the time you plan to stay, because it does not have many amenities. However, in the surroundings there are restaurants and kiosks where you can buy food and have a drink.

Right next to the beach is the Pozo de Jacinto, with a spectacular view, strong winds and cliffs that only the most daring look out. This is one of the clean beaches in Puerto Rico where you will see a lot of people, and every year surfers from all over the world visit it to participate in international tournaments, find your puerto rico map .

  1. 5. Sun Bay Spa (Vieques)

    The Sun Bay Spa is among the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

    The Sun Bay Spa is considered one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico and is the best known in Vieques for its particular white sand and its calm turquoise blue water, ready for you to swim in its vast coastline of almost a kilometer with total security, since it has lifeguard personnel. It is also ideal if you like snorkeling.

    Despite being one of the famous beaches in Puerto Rico, it is not that crowded, so you can be very calm here. You will also find places to have parties or share in family activities, although cooking is not allowed. If you decide to stay, you can do so in the areas designated for camping for a great price, find your puerto rico map.

    Near the beach you have a cafeteria, and if you walk a little further you will find places where you can buy typical food, fried foods, drinks, among other things.

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Puerto Rico News

Puerto Rico news brings you aggressive tax incentives to attract business. Puerto Rico news offers a very attractive incentive package that includes a fixed corporate income tax rate, one of the lowest compared to any jurisdiction in the US.

Act 73 of May 28, 2008, known as the “Puerto Rico Economic Incentives for Development Act,” makes industrial operations in Puerto Rico highly profitable while stimulating further economic development. Key provisions include with this Puerto Rico news:

  • 4% or 8% fixed income tax rate
  • 2% or 12% withholding tax on royalty payments
  • “Pioneer” industries are subject to an income tax rate of 1% or 0% in cases where intangible property was created or developed in Puerto Rico
  • Combined minimum tax rate of 3% if at least 50% of exempt business shareholders are residents of Puerto Rico
  • Minimum 1% combined tax rate for small or medium businesses (average gross income of $ 10 million or less over the past three years)

Tax incentives: Act 73 also allows companies to take a tax credit on their corporation tax return. Tax credits allow: $ 1,000, $ 2,500 or $ 5,000 job creation tax credit depending on the physical location of business operations 50% income tax credit from qualified R&D expenses 50% income tax credit for investment in machinery and equipment for energy production using renewable resources 25% income tax credit for the purchase of locally manufactured products Up to 10% credit to reduce the cost of electrical energy of the industrial exempt business.

Puerto Rico local news for Municipal and property tax incentives

  • 90% exemption from personal and real estate taxes
  • 60% municipal license tax exemption (75% for small and medium businesses)
  • 100% exemption from state and local tax on sales and use of raw materials


San Juan Breaking News

San Juan breaking news is comfortable and affordable lifestyle. Famous for its white sand beaches and lush tropical forests, San Juan breaking news offers a lifestyle consistent with all the modern conveniences of major international venues. Updated news on Puerto Rico, the constant trade winds create a warm, almost perfect climate throughout the year. Average temperature is 82 ° F with moderate humidity and an average annual rainfall of 63 inches.

Puerto Rico news today, there are 3.7 million US citizens living in Puerto Rico. The population is mainly urban and suburban, with almost 2 million people living in cities. As one of the most densely populated islands in the world, Puerto Rico offers a vibrant cultural and racial mix of modern European, African, and Caribbean influences.

Current situation in Puerto Rico has a standard of living that is much more affordable than most comparable places in the United States. Although the cost of living in San Juan parallels that of other major metropolitan areas, housing is abundant in Puerto Rico and property taxes are low. There is a wide range of housing options available, priced for all income levels.

In Puerto Rico, you will find the same exclusive supermarket chains, shopping malls, luxury boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs as on the US mainland.

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Single Family Homes For Sale in Puerto Rico

Single family homes for sale in puerto rico

Single family homes for sale in puerto rico also known as the Section 502 Direct Loan Program, what does this program do? this program assists low- and very-low-income applicants obtain decent, safe and sanitary housing in eligible rural areas by providing payment assistance to increase an applicant’s repayment ability. Payment assistance is a type of subsidy that reduces the mortgage payment for a short time. The amount of assistance is determined by the adjusted family income.

For single family homes for sale in puerto rico who may apply for this program?

A number of factors are considered when determining an applicant’s eligibility for Puerto Rico Real Estate Single Family Direct Home Loans . At a minimum, applicants interested in obtaining a direct loan must have an adjusted income that is at or below the applicable low-income limit for the area where they wish to buy a house and they must demonstrate a willingness and ability to repay debt.

Property search puerto rico applicants must:

  • Be without decent, safe and sanitary housing
  • Be unable to obtain a loan from other resources on terms and conditions that can reasonably be expected to meet
  • Agree to occupy the property as your primary residence
  • Have the legal capacity to incur a loan obligation
  • Meet citizenship or eligible noncitizen requirements
  • Not be suspended or debarred from participation in federal programs

Single family homes for sale in puerto rico properties financed with direct loan funds must:

  • Generally be 2,000 square feet or less
  • Not have market value in excess of the applicable area loan limit
  • Not have in-ground swimming pools
  • Not be designed for income producing activities

Property search puerto rico borrowers are required to repay all or a portion of the payment subsidy received over the life of the loan when the title to the property transfers or the borrower is no longer living in the dwelling.

Applicants for property search puerto rico must meet income eligibility for a direct loan.  Please select your state from the dropdown menu above.

What is an eligible area for single family homes for sale in puerto rico ?

Generally, rural areas with a population less than 35,000 are eligible in Puerto Rico Real Estate.  Visit the USDA Income and Property Eligibility website for complete details.

How may funds be used?

Loan funds may be used to help low-income individuals or households purchase homes in rural areas. Funds can be used to build, repair, renovate or relocate a home, or to purchase and prepare sites, including providing water and sewage facilities.

How much may I borrow?

Using the Single Family Housing Direct Eligibility Assessment tool, potential applicants may enter information online to determine if the Section 502 Direct Loan Program is a good fit for them prior to applying.  The tool will provide a preliminary eligibility determination after a potential applicant enters information on their general household composition, monthly income, monthly debts, property location, estimated property taxes, and estimated hazard insurance.  Potential applicants are welcome to submit a complete application for an official determination by USDA Rural Development (RD) regardless of the eligibility assessment results.  Upon receipt of a complete application, RD will determine the applicant’s eligibility using verified information and the applicant’s maximum loan amount based on their repayment ability and the area loan limit for the county in which the property is located.

What is the interest rate and payback period for types of houses in puerto rico ?

  • Fixed interest rate based on current market rates at loan approval or loan closing, whichever is lower for the housing cost in puerto rico.
  • Interest rate when modified by payment assistance, can be as low as 1%
  • Up to 33 year payback period – 38 year payback period for very low income applicants who can’t afford the 33 year loan term

How much down payment is required for the types of houses in puerto rico ?
No down payment is typically required for the housing cost in puerto rico. Applicants with assets higher than the asset limits may be required to use a portion of those assets.

Is there a deadline to apply?
Applications for this program are accepted through your local RD office year round.

How long does an application take?
Processing times vary depending on funding availability and program demand in the area in which an applicant is interested in buying and completeness of the application package.

What governs this program?

  • The Housing Act of 1949 as amended, 7 CFR, Part 3550,
  • HB-1-3550 – Direct Single Family Housing Loans Field Office Handbook

Why does USDA Rural Development do this?
USDA Rural Development’s Section 502 Direct Loan Program provides a path to homeownership for low- and very-low-income families living in rural areas, and families who truly have no other way to make affordable homeownership a reality in real estate Puerto Rico. Providing these affordable homeownership opportunities promotes prosperity, which in turn creates thriving communities and improves the quality of life in rural areas.

NOTE: Because citations and other information may be subject to change please always consult the program instructions listed in the section above titled “What Law Governs this Program?” You may also contact your local office for assistance for your Real Estate Puerto Rico.

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Single Story For Sale in Isla Verde, Carolina

Photo Link
Hotel For Sale Puerto Rico

•  13 bath , 12 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD2,500,000 . Best Location in Isla Verde

Hotel For Sale Puerto Rico is located in the center of the Isla Verde Beach strip in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The land has an area of 1,514.12 square meters or16,297.852 ft² . This small hotel for sale puerto rico is one floor property, has 12 rooms and is ideal for a larger development such as a 2.5 or 3 star budget hotel. A twelve story hotel with approx. 128 rooms could be built in this zone. Tourism Tax credit could be obtained either by remodeling this property or building a new hotel. This Hotel For Sale Puerto Rico has access by a side path to the best beach in San Juan, and is located at approx. 4 minutes from the San Juan International airport. The following hotels are also located in the Isla Verde strip, San Juan Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton, El San Juan Hotel & Casino (Waldorf Astoria Collection), Verdanza Hotel (formely the San Juan Holiday Inn), Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites Hotel, Trip Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott at Isla Verde Beach, The San Juan Water Club, and ESJ Tower.

Hotel For Sale Puerto Rico

Site Analysis: Lot Area: 1514.12m2 (16,297.85ft2)
Zoning: RT-A: high density residential – tourist. (formerly RT-5)
Required Density: 80m2/basic housing unit. 1514.12m2/80m2 = 18.93 basic housing units

Hotel Rooms = 0.4 per basic housing unit
= 18.93 / 0.4 = 47 units (hotel rooms)

Five (5) floors + underground parking structure (2 lobby/common area
floors @ 719m2 + 3 hotel room floors @ 480m2) = 2,878m2 Gross Area.
This would accommodate 47 hotel rooms on the top three floors (16
rooms per floor). (the total is 48 but the required density = 47)
Ten (10) floors + underground parking structure (2 lobby/common area
floors @ 719m2 + 8 hotel room floors @ 480m2) = 5,278m2 Gross Area.
This would accommodate 128 hotel rooms on the top eight floors (16
rooms per floor). This would require a special permit for a zoning
variation. (128 units is 62% more than the allowed density)
Gross Area: 350% of Lot area. 1514.12m2 x 350% = 5,299.42m2 (57,042.48ft2)
Buildable Area: 50% of Lot area. 1514.12m2 x 50% = 757.06m2 (8,148.92ft2)
Building Height: Shall be determined based on allowable Gross Area 5,299.42m2 & Patio

OPTION A: Five (5) floors @ 9’-0” per floor = 45ft high
OPTION B: Ten (10) floors @ 9’-0” per floor = 90ft high

Front Patio: Requires one (1) front patio (4m max).
Lateral & Back Patios: Requires two (2) lateral patios & one (1) back patio of 3m (min) or 1/5 of

the building height; whichever is greatest.

Required Parking: Hotels: one (1) parking space for each three (3) rooms or ‘suites’
Visitors: one (1) parking space for each five (5) basic units =3
OPTION A: 25 spaces (Additional uses will call for added requirements)
OPTION B: 67 spaces (Additional uses will call for added requirements)
Loading & Unloading Area: Requires one (1) load/unload zone for every 40 housing units.

OPTION A: Gross Area = 2,878m2
Five (5) floors + underground parking
structure. This would accommodate 47 hotel
rooms on the top three floors (16 rooms per
floor). This alternative requires NO permit

OPTION B: Gross Area = 5,278m2
Ten (10) floors + underground parking structure.
This would accommodate 128 hotel rooms on
the top eight floors (16 rooms per floor). This
alternative only requires a permit variation for
higher density (47 hotel rooms allowed vs 128 proposed)
This is a variation that is consistent with other
recent hotel projects in the area (Waterclub, Ritz
Carlton, Etc…)
Puerto Rico Real Estate has a pr commercial division, with an expert team ready to find the best options available for sellers, buyers and investors, of PR real properties. For buyers, if we do not have what you want in our puerto rico business listings, we’ll find, it if it exists.

Property information

Buying Property in Puerto Rico 2020

Buying property in Puerto Rico 2020 must include Luxury Real Estate San Juan, the desire for many Act 22 and Act 20 community. The million-dollar question is where I can find San Juan, Puerto Rico Homes For Sale?

At Pueto Rico Real Estate we will give you a list of the most exclusive communities in San Juan Puerto Rico within the Puerto Rico Luxury Real Estate. If you want more details about the life in the San Juan metropolitan area, just give us a call and you will have the best accessory to make your transition to your new life in San Puerto Rico Real Estate. Buying Property in Puerto Rico 2020 is the best option for your family, find Best Place to Live in Puerto Rico For Families.


Best Place to Live in Puerto Rico For Families

Urb. Santa Maria

Urb. Santa María, San Juan, San Juan Municipality, PR 00921, 00637, 00636, 00680, 00948, 00927 00767, 00735 and 00921. Located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in San Juan-Rio Piedras/ borderline Guaynabo. Urb. Santa Maria is an exclusive and well-kept community with a great location. There are a number of parks and recreational facilities available to residents in the community. Its tranquility and close proximity to the island’s finest private schools make it a popular neighborhood for families. There are a number of upscale dining and shopping in the area and it provides easy access to the city’s major roadways.

Urb. Parques de Santa María

Urb. Parques de Santa María is one of the best neighborhood in San Juan. Double gated community. Has one entry and one exit, few houses so no morning back up because of traffic. Tennis courts, basketball & running track in UNDARE. Best schools K-12 right outside the neighborhood.

Urb. San Francisco, San Juan

Urb. San Francisco, San Juan community has tennis courts, basketball courts, gazebo, running track and security guards 24/7..!! Two of the best private schools in the Metro area are just a couple of minutes away from the house. Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola for boys and Academia Maria Reina for girls.

English Schools Puerto Rico

Find the best English Schools in Puerto Rico:

Robinson School

Saint John’s School

Colegio Adianez

Commonwealth-Parkville School | Commonwealth Campus

Bonneville School

Wesleyan Academy

Cupeyville School

Colegio San Ignacio

Luxury Real Estate San Juan

Luxury Real Estate San Juan is a winner of a different kind in Puerto Rico Real Estate. Buying Property in Puerto Rico 2020 is a sub-market has been in the rise primarily due to Act 22 and Act 20. Prices will continue to rise for san juan puerto rico real estate as long as these laws remain intact.

Buying Property in Puerto Rico 2020

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Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico will allow you to soak in the sun, ride the waves, explore underwater life, and find your favorite beach.

What is a Caribbean vacation without the Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico? In Puerto Rico, there are over 270 miles of coastline that translate into nearly 300 beaches to choose from. Sandy trails lead to astonishing natural pools of crystalline waters that will leave you in awe, regardless of what you choose to do during your visit.

The diverse geography of the island presents locations that attract many water sports aficionados such as surfers, body surfers, paddle boarders, snorkelers, divers, and more. Some beaches also provide that secluded cove setting that anyone who wants to get away from crowds would appreciate. However, if you are in fact looking for a “party beach,” Puerto Rico has the Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

So, whether you want to take a break and soak in the sun, ride the waves, or explore underwater life, the island has a perfect beach to your liking.


Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beach that extends for several miles east of downtown (Old San Juan), which is lined with high-rise resorts and packed with sun worshipers.

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

With a strip of hotels and restaurants along its shores, Isla Verde is one of the most popular stretches of beach among st visitors. This beach – perfect for parasailing and jet skiing, is often voted as the best urban beach in the Caribbean.

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

Clear skies above your head and warm white sand beneath your feet is the way Flamenco beach will make you fall in love with it. This “picture postcard” captivating beach has been catalogued as one of the top beaches in the world. Ideal for swimming, unwinding, and simply beach-bumming, this location is the very reason visitors choose to venture outside the main island.

Crash Boat Beach

This is the most popular beach in Aguadilla. With a wide range of activities to do like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and -during the winter- surfing, Crash Boat is a playground for everyone. A few feet away is El Natural, a famous diving spot with a huge reef full of marine activity.

Jobos Beach

Just like Crash Boat, this lively and vibrant beach is a local favorite because of the many attractions surrounding it. Jobos’ waters glisten like a true stained-glass masterpiece and the prominent vegetation will provide many layouts where you can rest in the shade.

Montones Beach

Direct access and its shallowness make this natural pool the family-preferred beach in Isabela. The depth less tides provide a safe environment for kids and toddlers to play around while the adults relish in the calmness of the scenery. A natural wall prevents the strong surf from rushing in. The crowd you’ll find there is mostly local.

Gilligan’s Island

Although it is not officially a beach, this cay has the clearest water in Puerto Rico. Nicknamed after the popular TV show, it is part of the Guánica Biosphere Reserve. You can swim all around the small island with little to no effort, which makes this place great for a beginner snorkeler or swimmer. It is fenced in by a healthy mangrove system that creates intimate spots throughout the cay.

Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Now is your time to find the Best Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico and buy your beachfront foreclosures puerto rico.  Call US TODAY!

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